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Phillips & Banks

Vehicle Fundraising Concert

March 3rd at 7 PM - Preaching Christ Church, Kingsport, TN


For the last five years, we have traveled as Phillips and Banks sharing the Gospel through our music ministry. We are local to the tri-cities area of Northeast Tennessee, but over the last year or so God has drastically expanded our borders.  Since our ministry began, we have been traveling to each event in a 15-passenger van and pulling all of our equipment in a small trailer. This was perfect for us until our traveling began to reach further distances.


We have been seeking the Lord diligently for a year about the possibility of upgrading to a larger vehicle that will better suit our needs. The Lord has tested us through this time, and there have been several vehicles that have come across our path.  Ultimately, through prayer and seeking the Lord, we haven't felt comfortable with any of them until now.  

The Lord has presented us with what we believe to be our next vehicle to travel in.  It is a 2011 Fleetwood Tioga Ranger with 30k miles. This vehicle matches our needs down to the letter. It will provide us all with a place to sleep, taking the financial burden off of churches by eliminating the need for hotel rooms. When we are traveling long distances or during the night, we would be able to rest and be prepared for ministry when we arrive. It will cut down on our food expenses, as we can cook and prepare our own meals. This will also help with more healthy eating options for Caleb’s diabetes and in general for all of us. This vehicle will give Olivia her own table space to do her homeschool work on the road as well.

Obviously, this is a huge financial undertaking for us, but the Lord had already begun to provide for this need even before we even had a vehicle to purchase! We would like to humbly ask you to prayerfully consider donating to our vehicle fund at our fundraising concert on March 3rd at Preaching Christ Church in Kingsport, TN.


We are believing and trusting that God will provide the funds we need to purchase this vehicle in full, with no debt. We would be so grateful for your support and partnership, and we thank you all so much for your consideration. If you are unable to give, please pray for us! This is a huge step of faith. We love you all so much, and are so humbled by the support and donations we have already received. All glory goes to the Lord!


If you are out of state, or are local and cannot attend, you can donate at the link provided below. All donations made through this link and those made the night of the fundraiser are tax deductible.


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